Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

reinvent the wheel

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

I hear this phrase a lot and use it from time to time. I recently saw the image shared above and I realized that sometimes the wheel needs to be reinvented or at least redesigned even incremental changes. within iterative design practice, we would still have the rotary phone and yearly versioning on smart phones.

Now, this post isn’t ground-breaking, innovative stuff. But, it is important to consider this phrase and how to not let it stop you from reconsidering something that should be updated, redesigned or reinvented.

What if the original wheel was a prototype that the developer was testing? Before he could make any changes, he died and every cave man/woman was stuck using the wheel recreated in its prototype-untested form.

What is mediocre within your life? How should it change? Should it be simplified or added to? Iterate!

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