Web 2.0:List.ly

I’m killing two birds with one stone: List.ly and SMART Resources with a blog post.  Please read on for instructional ideas.  List.ly is an interesting web-based tool that allows people to contribute to a list of online resources.  Basically, it is a form of collaborative social bookmarking.  
I can see List.ly being used with students to…
  • Generate writing ideas
  • Share lists of inspirational online resources (images or writings)
  • Cite resources they used for a project
  • Generate research lists
  • Create lists of website that they use at home 
  • Create a list of links to images that describe their lives
  • Create a list that helps tell a story
Okay, pretend you are the student.  What additional resources have you found on the subject below?  Click the “Add to List” button to add your ideas to the resource list.  

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