Poster Effect in Photoshop

A picture is worth a thousand words. However, what is focused on and thought about is completely up the unique individual looking at the image. With the images below, these pictures fill in the blank for you and are only worth a handful of words.

I stumbled upon the following video with an captivating image of John Lennon with a layer of text. I thought to myself this might be interesting to use to create an enticing image to connect an audience with a message. Initially, I thought of creating a politically charged image for a second with a choice phrase and politician’s portrait. Instead, I kept what I created fairly positive.

But what powerful message could you write within a face or any B&W image? I start thinking of classroom projects with this. For instance, students could be asked to write a biography-type blog post and use this text-over-portrait technique to create the post’s featured image. But I wouldn’t limit learners to only portraits and biographies. There is a lot of potential to create so much more (i.e. political campaign posters, poetry, listing of parts of speech, etc.)

With this simple design technique in Photoshop, I thought this was a great opportunity to first attempt this tutorial and think about how this could be used to promote learning. Here’s my attempt with the use of a picture on my camera. I changed things up and played with the alignment quite a bit before I felt comfortable with the layout.



Overall, I can see using techniques like this for attention grabbing images to lead people into additional interactions and information within an eLearning object.

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