Adobe Illustrator Icon Set

All too often, I find myself searching for the perfect set of clean and unifying graphics to incorporate within my latest eLearning project. I tend to rely on Google Images, Iconfinder, Flaticon (recently blocked at work), The Noun Project, IconsDB or other sites devoted to providing quality visual representations for a confining theme.

Instead of taking from the web, I decided to create my own set using Adobe Illustrator. I tried to recreate a lot of what I saw on many of icons that I liked from my search efforts. But, I tried to tie all of the icons together with the same color. Although I mixed rounded corners with some sharp angles, I was trying to employ some consistency and cohesion to the icons with that slight bit of color.



In the near future, I am going to look at creating a set on one of the icon sites listed above. For now, I am sharing them here for the fun of it. I have my icon set for free in .PNG and within a PowerPoint slide deck shared below.

BlueIconSet – by @Hoosier_Teacher


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