Instructional Video Production

This instructional video was created to introduce students to the concept of blogging and prepare students for blogging with the Kidblog website. Additionally, I created these scenes, screencasts, and wandering journals to engage students.  The video is a little longer than normal because their is a parallel story to the screencast.  In general, students are introduced to:

  1. Navigating through the Kidblog control panel,
  2. Creating a Post,
  3. Uploading Media (Pictures and Video),
  4. Creating Hyperlinks,
  5. Publishing Posts, and
  6. Making Comments on other posts.

Before filming, I created a storyboard and then a script.  The storyboard was created with a Power Point template, and the script was written in the comments section.

I also created a brief teacher’s guide for using the video and working with blogs in the classroom. You can view this document below.

Attack of the Zombie Journal

This is the whole video with acting.  It’s in black and white to give that old-Zombie-Movie feel.  Additionally, it attempts to show the separation between the two mediums for writing.  Then, the screencasts are in color, which makes the instructional portions standout.

Zombie Journal Screencasts

Now, this one is the same movie as the one above.  However, the “fat” has been trimmed, and students could use this one to re-watch the screencasts.  Just in case they forgot how to complete a basic blogging task.

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