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The blog you are currently previewing is my portfolio blog.  It houses some of my work related to the field of education, instructional technology, and instructional design.  It is not a comprehensive list of the work I have done in education, but it does demonstrate a few of my better projects.

Additionally, I have a instructional technology or educational technology blog, entitled Hoosier Teacher.  I use this site to share information with local and global colleagues.  For instance, when I presented my SMART board training to my school board, I posted my presentation on my blog to share with colleagues and community members not present at the meeting.  Another example woud be a post I created as hyper-content for an online module.  This post was on developing effective and engaging presentations, which provided additional hyper-content for learners.

Another blog, entitled Hoosier Classroom, that I contribute to is for the classroom.  This blog is used to inform my students, parents, and administrators.  Here are just some of the posts I created to engage learners with multimedia related to the fourth grade curriculum:

My latest blog is entitled Tech Three.  With this blog another Technology Integrationist and I, share information about digital tools for learning.  Each week, we create a video overview of three tools teachers can integrate into the classroom.  Then, I share the blogposts and video with the teachers within our district weekly.  Ultimately, it is a way to share tools with teachers and practice what we preach by creating online learning content.

These blogs are my attempt at utilizing web-based technologies for instructional purposes.  Blogging is just one web-based learning tool that can be used enhance a learning environment.  Please click the links to review the various posts I created for these blogs.  

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Instructional Designer, I help make sense of workplace, work, and worker interactions in order to create comprehendible and practical training programs.

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