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Who am I

Instructional Designer and eLearning Developer.

My name is Dan Gibson, and I am an instructional design and technology professional in an Instructional Design position for a financial institution. In this role, I design and develop custom instructional and performance improvement solutions for business units within the bank. 

Over the last 15 years, I have trained, taught, coached, and developed performance support materials for various stakeholders within the public schools and corporate setting. I truly enjoy flexing my creative muscles and thinking outside of the traditional realm of education to provide effective solutions.

Gather Information
Ship and Iterate

Design, Develop, Ship, & Iterate

I love to create.

Creating my own learning experiences is part of how I develop effective solutions for others, and this creation helps keep my skills fresh. My passion is thinking through problems and coming up with creative, effective instructional activities. 

I know my core strengths, stay fresh, and hone my skills through creation. 


Core Strengths


Focused on using video to deliver quick and engaging content.


Skilled at creating unique learning objects to promote a change in behavior.


Extensive experience in designing instructional and performance solutions.

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